05 Sep


Aka "Cowboy Cool” 

Nu Country Soul 

Soul music is almost a lost art form these days. The music is full of love, church expressions and incredible skill and will of every man and woman who dared to express it. This music is all about our roots! Cowboy Cool was just the beginning of the vibe we’ve created with Nu Country Soul.  The style is a new breed of music that is a mixture of feelings and vibes based on R&B and country music. Living in the city and spending my summers in the country, I felt like I would always spend time between the radio airwaves of both genres – imagining city life while in the country and the laid back country lifestyle. Nu Country Soul is a gumbo of music that allows folks to experience both worlds and lifestyles at the same time.

It’s a fun-filled way to bridge the gap. "It’s all about making music that touches people's lives and reminds them to have a good time.”

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