23 Sep

Born in 1980, I'm a native of West Memphis, Arkansas better known as "Stress Memphis but I have renamed it BEZT Memphiz now!

I was a child raised from humble beginnings, to say the least. The first 12 years of my life were shaped in the "Dirty South". As the first born son of four children, at the age of 13 I was forced to leave home and move to the DMV(Washington D.C Metropolitan area.   

"I was shaped from the heat and mud of the south and hardened into a man by the mean streets of the Nation's Capitol". My music embodies all of the different aspects of my life. From Gospel to Gangsta music I'm a "fusion" of all that falls between! I was "raised" in the church, "baptised" by the streets! As a result of me being born in the poorest state in the country (at that time) and raised in the Nation's Capitol, a unique star was formed and at the age of 23 I began writing music!        

I take pride in creating high quality music that has substance and feeling! I personally call my style of music "New Bluez" or "Skreet Gospel". It embodies a variety of my favorite types of music like: Blues, Rap, Soul as well as Reggae. I'm a Blues baby that was born in the Hip Hop/Gangsta Rap era!      

My art and sound are a true reflection of my LIFE, "Smooth but rough around the edges" and although I'm still a small town boy at heart I truly have a GLOBAL mind state!   

I have performed and shared the stage with the likes of: The Grammy Award Winning Mr. Bobby Rush, Sir Charles, JWonn, Denise LaSalle, OJ da Juice Man, The PC Band, LJ Echols, Hot Boy Turk and JR Blu to name a few!    

Ultimately, I want to be recognized and remembered as a pioneer that ushered in a new chapter in music history. My aim is to simply create music that is LOVED and APPRECIATED World wide!            

One of my mottos in life is "The world aint ready for this", but honestly, the world no longer has a choice! I'm HERE!!!     

It's my turn NOW..and ERRYTHANG iz still Ryt Offa Broadway! #GetHip
~One Luv~ Johnny Dynamyt Kroon

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