18 Sep

Meme Yahsal is singer/songwriter from Blackville, SC. She has been in the music industry all her life.
Meme Yahsal started singing with her father, mother and siblings in the gospel group name “The Family
Gospel Singers”. She performed in multi-functions in her community. She traveled to different cities and
states for many years. Her singing career was inspired by her mother who also was a recording artist. It
was always Meme Yahsal passion, zeal to write and perform in front of an audience.

In 2019, Meme Yahsal decided to pursue her passion for singing in the genre of Soul/Blues along with
her siblings who also contribute to the success of music career. When she discovered Southern Soul, she immediately knew. She released her first Single “My Eye Candy” in 2020. In April of 2020, she release
her first Album “Just Being Meme” and there was no stopping from there. She continued to produce
more projects and grace the stage with many artists. Her desire is to touch, encourage, to bring
excitement to her fans.

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