09 Sep

Over the past decade or so, there has been a lingering sentiment that “hip-hop is dead.” Well, fortunately for us, soul is still alive and fortunately for the people that still believe in music from the heart that contains purity in expression-flaws included, artists like Sky Whatley exist. 

One of the greatest things about being an artist is the ability to change and become who you want to be. No one’s music collection should only have one type of artist, and artists shouldn’t be pigeon held to sound one way. During his earlier years Sky Whatley(previously gone by the name of Nut Skywalker) had a sound that was coined as “hood rock.” Proof that rock and hip-hop aren’t distant relatives at all, but very closely knit and related.

Now, as all artists have a right to, Sky Whatley is seeking expression from his other love: Soul music. Inspired by greats like Prince, Sly Stone and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. 

This maybe something that his initial fan base may not be aware of after his sleuth of popular songs like “I’m Rick James Bitch” and “Chevy Game” featuring ex-Poison Clan member JT Money. When his “Hood Rock” project was released Sky Whatley suggested that he wasn’t “making just an album but a flip on the entire music industry.”

His new direction will incorporate soul with a gospel edge that proves that honest music doesn’t have to lack on quality. Sky Whatley further admits that he makes his music with “natural talent” and adds “no auto-tunes.”

In a time where real artists are too far and in between and flash-in-the-pan hopefuls are on every Facebook page looking for a friend request. Sky Whatley has other plans as a singer/producer/ songwriter and with notable collaborations under his belt including Fabo,  Lil Jon, Goodie Mob, B.O.B. 

2022 offers to be a year filled with new hopes for Sky Whatley and his new music is going to reflect the sounds of his fan-base: Eclectic, energized and unpredictable. That’s what real music is supposed to be. -PJ

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