27 Aug

Rico C has written a new dance track called “Earthquake”, this one is going to shake the club up!! Who’s up for the new challenge?? #earthquakechallenge

Rico is a native of Greenwood, SC. He became interested in music, at an early age. During his intermediate level of schooling, he began participating in singing in the choir. He has a deep and strong love for music. As he reached his teenage years, he realized that he was able to do more with his voice than most people and had tremendous voice control. His listeners were astounded at the development of this young man’s voice. 

Rico also has had the chance to perform with many artists, such as Sir Charles Jones, Rude Boys, Trey Songz, Dream, Lenny Williams, Con Funk Shun, Whodini, Mel Waiters, Calvin Richardson, Keisha Coles, Brian McKnight, Dave Hollister, Tucka Soul, Theodis Ealey, Big Mucci, Frankie Beverly, Rick Ross, sang at Lebron James' birthday, and many others. 

Rico was also a contestant on American Idol, in which he competed in Las Vegas.

Instagram: Rico C

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Tik Tok: Rico C

You Tube: https://bit.ly/3PyvdXW 

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