29 Jul

Veronica Gonzalez AKA Vero G. is a 34 year old, Latina, born and raised in the Lower East Side. She is a Singer/Songwriter/Model/Actress/Poet/TV & Radio Host/Screenwriter/Author. Her genre of music is R&B mix with Soul. She has some experience with the music industry and the in’s and outs of how it works. She started to sing at the age of 7 years old. She has been a member of the JHS 22 School Choir, was a member in The Change Choir with Al Sharpton, and has received awards throughout her accomplishments (First Place Trophy for the Anti-violence Awareness, Certificate for Recognition). Her music is refreshing, upbeat, and lifting to others. She has gotten great reviews from all of her performances, and has been approach by the audience for encores. Her influences in music are Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Selena, and Mariah Carey.           

She had just released her first single “Addicted” it consists of an R&B style. Adding to that she has other tracks with various artists such as Cool Breeze in “Don’t be a sinner and Ella Esta Tremenda ft Jose the Amazing” including her second single “Clueless” ft Cool Breeze. It’s Been Two Years ft Cool Breeze, Thinking About You ft Cool Breeze, Remake of George Gerswhin’s song “Summertime”.  As well done her first Christmas EP album It’s Christmas Time with Vero G and got great feedback on it, as well she did a music video of a single White Christmas from her Christmas EP with Take Over Promotions. She is also working on new material (Vicious & Turn it on) Tracks with Artist Dirty Promesa and her First Debut Album Trails and Tribulations coming out soon by August 2016. Working on her latest sophmore album The Rise Of Vero G. and another album Victory in 2020. In that album Victory she did a single called Come with me/Vente Conmigo ft Cuban Link which became a successful hit. She also has some singles of her latest album The Rise of Vero G. Coming For Mine, Summer Loving and Mother’s Lullaby. Her latest album Victory has been released 10/2020 and her singles for that album is Come with me ft Cuban Link, Fighter, Through these eyes and much more great songs for that album. She is also working on her latest 4th album (EP album) Here I am which will be released on this Fall 2021 and her 5th Album (EP album) Energy out by next year 2022. Worked with Artists Real Lyricez on their recent hit colloaborations Gimme your love, Broken Dreams, On my way, and much more.

Recently she has been working with an independent label FME (Fam Music Ent) with CEO Jeremy Ortiz aka J-Shine (Artist) and other artists under that label. She was feature in their latest track One Night Stand with J-Shine and SGS. Recently she had done collaboration with artist Darka Shade in his remix of Seductive Dancing. Also she has been working with long time friend and CEO of Music4life Wayne Whiteside. In various projects, and also being a part of his upcoming label Music4life as an R&B female Artist, and working side by side with various artist as well in that label. Including with that she is the assistant director of the upcoming single for artists Brian J Morris and Shenee Johnson hit Do Something Together which will be release in August 2015. Recently, she has performed at local gigs, such as the Recoup Lounge, Sapphire Lounge, Blaze the stage, Blaze the mic, Blacktorn 51, Diamond fashion week, Silhouteets, The Zinc Bar, The Nuyorican Poet’s Café, Iguana Lounge, Back to Cool event and The Singer’s Forum, Talent Tonight at Amarchi Lounge and at the Lit Lounge at the Swagger on the Mic Showcase, Talent Tonight, Village Underground, Bar 580 Showcase, TKP Underground Open Mic Host Jai-Ho. 

She has performed in various performances with artist Dirty Promesa with their collaborations Turn it on and Vicious. Artist Dirty Promesa and Vero G had done music videos for both songs. She had also performed on a TV with the Bronx net Community Access Network with Rhina Valentin’s show “Open”. She had appeared in various times on TV for the Manhattan Neighborhood Network shows such as The Diamante Show Host Juan Gonzalez on various times, On with Angel show Host Angel, and The Home Invaders Variety Show with Host Hector Bosa on various times, Beyond the focus tv show, SNYCTV, Chris Concepts tv show, Soulfood TV, Vega 411, BME TV show, Candid Converstations with Darrell Fitzgerald.  

Recently she was in an Open Mic  Toy Drive with hosts Skittelz and Charlie Uptown and in Word up Open Mic. Been in three TV show appearances for The Home Invaders Variety Show with Host Hector Bosa, Guy’s Cormier Stories Today with Host Guy Cormier and S.O.T.A with host Cynthia aka Sin with Take Over Promotions talking about myself and upcoming projects.  Also has been in over TV appearances in Beyond Focus TV, and other appearances.She will also have more songs releasing soon to her YouTube Channel and she had worked with DJ Gemstarr with a mix tape Eye on the Dollar Volume 3, Cocaine Cowboys volume 5 mix tape, and also will work other people to promote her work. She is also promoting her singles Addicted and to college radios in the Tristate area. Also on her second single Can’t Live Without You ft Coolbreeze for her upcoming album Trials and Tribulations. Recently she had done some radio interviews to promote her music. Radio Impacto 2  91.9 FM Host Fausto Chadan , MichaelaTV Live at Niteline Radio with host Michaela, college radio interview with Host Charlie Uptown at Bottoms up Social Radio WCCR 590 AM discussing her various projects, Radio show Xclusive ATL’s 96.9 FM with Host The Spacemann.  

Vero G. has also been appeared on every month on the M Pire Magazine under the artist spotlight with various other talented artists.  Also she has open up her own brand of the Vero G. Spotlight through the Vero G. Spotlight TV Show which is going on 3 years strong this year, Vero G. Spotlight Radio Show which hit is one year anniversary at DTF Radio every Wednesdays at 6pm-7pm, Vero G. Spotlight Magazine which gets release monthly at www.magcloud.com and now we have our monthly mixtape for all independent artists world-wide to get heard. She has also done some community work in her area. One of the events she has covered is the Back To School event for 2020 in her neighborhood. Which was a success and wants to thank her community council woman Carlina Rivera and Ryan Nena Brian member to come out to show support for her cause. She wants to thank everyone in her team who makes the vision of her purpose into what she does. She is also doing her 2nd annual Back To School Event this year in August 2021 to give back to the community.Thank you to JM EMPIRE MEDIA, GEMINI Stax, and all who partaken in our mission. Also has released two doc-films out from 2020-2021. Through their eyes the mask behind the mask, and Trials and Tribulations which are both amazing projects that discusses about self awareness. One is about Domestic Violence Suriviors who overcame Domestic Violence and telling their stories and the other is about my own personal journey from my humble beginnings till now. Big shout out to Shana Gourdine, JM Empire Media, all the amazing people who open themselves into our film.           

Adding to that she has also done an Online Radio interview with Lehman College Radio Station W H L C with hosts Ace and Uno at the Comfy Hour (The Bat cave) show, FLo Empire radio show Onpoint, LDM Radio show, Open TV with Bobbie Lee( From WBLS radio personality), SWBRadio, The Evening Experience. Done some recent online radio interviews some such as Blessings Radio, PowerHouse Radio Show, Freedom K Radio, LA Talk Show and much more 2020 and 2021. Also was interviewed by Hot97 own DJ Drewski and gotten her music played on Hot97 by various DJs. Recently she starred in the music video of artist Reggie DaProducer hit Sleeping on Bricks Directed by Oscar Fernandez. Also had appeared in three films The Interrogators Directed by Milton Greene, Sensory Deprivation and Coincidental Killer Directed by Shawn Raynor. Recently she has been in two other films in Movie Horror Affair with Director Brittany Bullock,  Untitled with Director Joseph Oyewande, and in a web series Respect the Come Up with Director Brad Bizzy Beauge. She also model for various photographers in photo shoots. Even was in a fashion show runway with various models as well in the Top Notch Projects fashion show with Designer Ms White and with another fashion show at the Hollywood Fashion show with Designer Ms. Shaw and Northern Lights Fashion show with Designer Paul Anthony Mantia, NYFW in some shows in NYC, and in Connecticut region as well. Also is a published model been in various magazines for her work as a model. Also done a recent fashion show on 2019 for the Lupus Fashion Show fundraiser event.      

Vero G. has also gotten some awards and recognition for her hard work. ,She recieved the Courage of medal award from the Domestic Violence Unmasked the truth event, Recognition award for her performance at the LDM Women's Empowerment showcase, 2018 nominee for the LDM award show for POP and LATIN category and more to come. She is 2019 nominee for the LDM award show for Pop category. Gotten a plaque through a music independent artist award for her music 2021. She has won Latin Artist of the year for the 5th LDM Award Show 2021. Won the B Free Award 2021 for her amazing TV Show platform Vero G. Spotlight TV Show which did a documentary called Through their eyes the mask behind the mask which details the stories of people who were impacted by Domestic Violence in their own words.     

Vero G. also models, acts, hosts and does poems in her spare time. Recently she has done some hosting in various fashion show events, even hosted in some of her shows under Model Talk, Soulfood TV, Vero G. Spotlight tv, Vero G. & Friends online show, and BTSTRADIO TV show. Recently she has written over 20 poetry books an two books one is an autobiography Trials and Tribulations an autobiography of Vero G. and My Journey which focus about her music career. Written a few more new publications Crying in the dark, Acting 101 A guilde book for actors and much more.She is a jack of all trades and love to learn through others in the entertainment business. She would like to be an entrepreneur and own her own business someday.     

Her sole purpose of being a part of the music business is to encourage others to open up yourself, fulfill your dreams and goals, and explore your true talent as a gift for others to enjoy.

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