09 Aug

MelLUXE Essentials, LLC... Bringing Back Healthy Hair

How it all started... 

Melinda Salley was a hairstylist throughout the Florida and Georgia area and has been for 25 years. Currently she is just doing her and her family’s hair.

After years of perms and hot irons, she decided that it was her time to bring Melinda back, and do her big chop. She tried many hair products, especially growth oils, but they were just temporary fixes. After making a move back home to Florida and working in the medical field for 14 years, she decide to start her dreadlock journey, because of the convenience and time, plus making her natural hair growth oil.

One day, a good friend of hers said, "you need to do a whole hair care line!" She thought, maybe I should! Melinda then, became invested in bringing healthy products to the world. A hair care line for women, men, and children of all ages. Melluxe Essentials was official April 11, 2022.

What's next ... currently Melinda is working on getting her Biography together to drop next.

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