26 Nov

Mz.Tor! better known as Victoria Jefferson is a native of Lafayette, La. Growing up as the only girl of four boys was pretty much easy. Growing up with two parents was a blessing and showed her all about family and love. Her father had heart problems since she was a baby, so her mom was always working while her father took care of them and was picking up any little job he could do. She was raised in a low economic class, but it never showed, because her family always worked and maintained things.

Mz.Tor! always loved to sing, as a young little girl she would always go to her next door neighbor and sing for her. Using the broom as her microphone she would being to entertain. 

Around age of 13 she recorded her first song on a cassette tape with her cousin. After graduating high school (at 17) and preparing for college, is when she realized she wanted to do music, recording her first single "Love". From there she met producer/Dj Mikki Gunz where they worked together on music. She recorded her first mixtape while going to school for Medical Office Assistant and Dental Assistant.

After having a baby in 2013, Mz.Tor! then decided to take a break from the music scene. She soon returned to the music scene in 2016, where she told herself "this would be her make or break." She then recorded her mixtape 90's baby, after the release of her mixtape she was then signed to Unique Entertainment. 

Mz.Tor! has since released an album called "Ms. Multitalented: Makings of a Diva;" two mixtapes entitled "Something Serious" and "Quarantine Time;" and an album entitled "Chapter 28." The artist known as Mz. Tor! is currently signed to Stuntville Records, has been putting out new singles, and has been nominated for Female R&B artist of the year. She has also been nominated three times for Contemporary Gospel Artist. 

A year ago Mz.Tor! jumped into the Southern Soul world with her hit single "Pressure On Me", which has been getting a lot of recognition in Northern and Southern States. She is soon to drop her next single in Fall of 2022.

So with that said her motto is "You Gotta Have Faith And Patience".

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