01 Oct

As an artist, DJ and producer hailing from Chicago’s notorious South Side community, Elektrohorse is no stranger to the struggles of the common man and woman. Despite his humble beginnings, he has always been driven by the ideal that in America, hard work and dedication are the keys to success. This dedication to achievement has created a multitude of opportunities for Elektrohorse, including collaborations with some of the industry’s top talent (Will.I.Am, Nicki Minaj, Cowboy Troy, Willie jones and Timbaland among others).

 Although he's been blessed with continuous success throughout his career, Elektrohorse has never forgotten his humble, Midwestern roots. As a result, he formed his own movement, “The Party Don’t Care”. As founder of TPDC, he has always been deeply committed to promoting messages of love, unity and peace. It was this commitment to the aforementioned principles that fostered the inspiration for his most heartfelt record to date, S.T.O.M.P.

He is the primary practitioner of a hybrid sound he calls CDM — country dance music. The style seamlessly fuses country instrumentation with funk, hip-hop and electronic dance beats — a combination that has fueled mainstream country hits for years. It’s topflight entertainment, whose purpose mostly seems to be sheer enjoyment. Still, despite the fun and frolic in his songs and videos, there’s a serious side to Elektrohorse.

“I really see music as a way of bringing people together, of being a source of unity,” Elektrohorse tells the Scene. “When I came to Nashville, I found the right atmosphere of cooperation and musical interest, and it’s proven the right move.”

He lists as one of his primary goals his desire to become the first Black DJ known for warming up the crowd at country music festivals and awards shows. And there’s no reason he couldn’t dominate there: His material features somewhat edgy vocal and visual flair, humorous storylines and a zany, unpredictable quality. His work is also a perfect fit for platforms like TikTok, because it encourages the audience to participate and put their own spin on the proceedings.

Elektrohorse’s latest single is just as enjoyable and has even more potential to yield him a viral hit. “It’s a Ho Down,”released in August, is a collaboration with Big Mucci, a Cleveland, Ohio, rapper and dancer. In the 1990s, Mucci’snow-defunct crew 71 North launched an enduring regional line-dance craze called The Cleveland Shuffle. It’s worth pointing out that while line dances are extremely popular in the country scene, their roots are in disco and other primarily urban music styles.

In the video for the song, Elektrohorse and Big Mucci roll up to a farm on a lazy afternoon. Big Mucci calls out dance moves that Elektrohorse, decked out in his airbrushed overalls, demonstrates. And before you know it, everyone is dancing along — a fitting display of the Elektrohorse ethos.





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